April showers bring May flowers, and at C&C, spring has welcomed us with fresh ideas and visual stimulation, by the way of new clients Flavor, Traction, and StarBeast. Please say hello to excellent people, inventive work, and true professionals!

Click, view & enjoy, Claire

New Client Alert

Meet Traction Avenue Films + StarBeast

Introducing Traction Avenue FIlms + StarBeast Digital ...sister companies brought together by industry vets, Scott Gemmell, Nick Losq, Lloyd D'Souza and Chris Clyne.

Traction, the live action moniker hosts directors fluent across live, digital and integrated production. They offer a fresh take on commercials, branded & online content with a specialty in creative problem solving. Traction Directors

StarBeast is a multi-disciplinary visual media company. The core group of talent provides decades of experience in Feature Film, Television and Commercial Production. StarBeast Digital

Together, they provide a seemless Live Action + VFX solution under-one-roof in the coolest part of the LA's Arts District...Traction Ave, of course!

Meet Flavor

Meet Flavor, a global collective of designers and visual artists delighting in experimentation and thriving on collaboration. Flavor creates interactive, live action, illustration, VFX and design content.

At the helm is Darren Jaffe, Executive Producer, and Jason Cook, Creative Director, both alumni of an impressive list of Los Angeles studios. To round out the team, VFX Supervisor, Blake Huber recently came on board. 

Arrow Electronics identified eight areas where they guide product evolution. Flavor used an array of design styles and animation techniques to produce eight innovative spots that artfully convey Arrow's "Five Years Out" brand messaging and watch how they pulled it off with Arrow: Behind the Scenes.

Sample Flavor's visual storytelling magic for Target's curated gift packages. Joy and wonder perfectly designed and captured! Take a look how they made it work with Wonder Factory: Behind the Scenes.  

New Work

Take a Sip with Picasso Pictures

Picasso PicturesJens & Anna directed 4 spots for Tropicana's "Little Glass" campaign. Inspired by their short film, "Don't Swim After Lunch", Jens Blank and Anna Benner exude charm and humor through their fresh and quirky 2D character design and 3D motion composition. Animating in 3D gives their design an additional qulaity and freedom, they also utilize stop-motion to great effect, combining technology and creativity.

Picasso Pictures' Gold Cactus created characters Gaz and Leccy for Smart Energy. The Smart Energy Cinema Takeover experience was Gaz and Leccy's big public outing to a huge success. Picasso continues to work on the integrated campaign in broadcast, online and print.

Watch the Tax Free Wizards at Work

Tax Free Films, the creators of elegant and beautiful CG just finished production for the launch of Italy's The Paramount Channel.

Italians are known for creating beauty and Tax Free Films is no exception as shown in their 2016 Luxury Montage.

Listen to EMOTO Music's Jams

EMOTO Music's featured artist, OPUS ORANGE, licensed their song, "Almost There" for Leo Burnett Chicago's Marshalls spot.

Want to see them live...it's a hat trick, Opus Orange opening EAT SEE HEAR on May 28 at 7pm! 

Can't get to the studio? Emoto is always ready for a cybersessionMore EMOTO news.