Claire Worch

Backed with 29 years in advertising & production, guiding directors, animators, designers, composers and VFX super stars through many inceptions, mergers, re-brandings and notable successes, and 25 years of running her own business, navigating Claire & Company through the .COM bust, SAG and writers strikes, the subprime mortgage crisis, and huge technological advances,
Claire’s career has been defined by her ability to navigate the unknown and adapt -

Now it’s Your Turn.

As an exective coach, Claire empowers her clients to live a full lives, grounded in integrity. An expert in sales and professional relationships, Claire is the executive coach, speaker, educator and mentor to take your career to the next level.

Claire firmly believes that good executive coaching will enhance relationships, allowing for clarity, efficiency and growth, both personally and professionally. Through coaching, she is honored to share with clients her lifelong passion for personal growth, professional freedom, and childlike curiosity.

When she has down time? Whether it’s her two boys (enough said), digging for truffles in Italy, skiing fresh powder, or sand surfing in the Sahara, Claire crosses the globe! As a cancer survivor, her tenacity, compassion, and humor reveals itself in not only her career and family life, but also in her unwavering philanthropic efforts.