Hello Dear Friends -

October found Esther and I in Austin, Dallas and San Francisco for the learned panels and to visit pals at AICP & NEXT. Also traveling with EMOTO Music's featured artist Opus Orange for in-agency concerts. At The Richards Group, we met THE Stan Richards, an advertising icon & professional banjo player, who was smitten with the uber talented EMOTO Partner/Composer, Paul Bessenbacher. 

November brought wonderful work from our C&C partners to our door: a feast of sophisticated & fantastical photoreal CG to a dash of whimsical & heartfelt 2D & a meme-worthy music video. 

Give Thanks for Family & Friends!

Picasso Pictures - Cosatto
Breakfast of Champions, a director duo at Picasso Pictures, creates stunning design with a 100% CG spot for stylish Cosatto prams. Totally fooled us!

World Famous - Alexis's Wish
Make-a-Wish Alaska & WA asked World Famous to grant a 6 yr. old cancer survivor's wish with her very own cartoon...and so they did, thoughtfully with love.
P.S. Alexis's Wish was picked up by Upworthy!

Picasso Pictures - Spring Chicken
Leave it to Jerry Hibbert, Picasso Pictures' director & former Bill Clinton impersonator, to enliven an explainer piece with a 2D quick-witted chicken (voiced by UK Comedian Harry Enfield).

Smith - Hotline Bling
Smith (an S8 company) completed post duties for Drake's latest music video, directed by the infamous Director X. Naturally, it went viral on the Internet and has garnered just over 62 million views!
Which is your favorite Hotline Bling meme?

Tax Free Films - Tic Tac
Need beautiful storytelling with CG visuals? Check out the multi-talented Tax Free Films artists who continue to blow us away with beauty and innovation.

Dates to remember

December 10 - AICP West Holiday Party
December 18 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases
January 21 - Sundance Film Festival 2016 at Park City, UT
February 7 - Super Bowl XIX at Levi's Stadium
March 11 - SXSW at Austin, TX