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“Energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable and resourceful, Claire helps keep the business of the business focused and fun. This fountain of wisdom and insight is good at strategy, great at a screening, and a total delight over cocktails!” – Jan Johnson, Co-Executive Producer, HouseSpecial

Pogo Pictures

“Doritos’ Goat 4 Sale captured both the hearts and minds of viewers during Super Bowl XLVII.” – Nielsen Ratings


“PB, You should know that I have an imaginary 50th birthday party that I’m composing in my head. (The birthday is real, but the party I’m planning isn’t.) Being generally awesome and a fan of good whiskey is enough to get you invited, but the thought of OPUS ORANGE playing, in one of the rooms of this mansion I’m imaginarily celebrating in, kinda seals the deal” – Ben Latimer, Producer,

Wieringa Community Films

“I have worked with Claire for over 2 decades and she has always been a top professional in her field —smart, organized, well researched, and always a Fashionista! She knows everyone in advertising and production on the West Coast and Texas and has been successful in bringing in boards for both newcomers and well- established directors. She also knows post and the world of visual affects inside and out—all in all Claire is one of the best reps in the business today.” – Jan Wieringa Community Films


“This is amazing and going straight into my iTunesI listened to it with my wife this morning and it floored both of us. You should really do this stuff professionally, Paul. Think about it, like a music company or something.

I’m definitely committed to seeing you guys play — and always looking for an opportunity to get back with the whole Emoto team. The new reel is great — something that will help me in that effort.” – Ben Latimer, Producer,

Crush Inc.

“Crush is CRUSHING that gig. SO happy with how The Woodland Park Zoo all turned out” – Dax Estorninos, Producer, Wong Doody Crandall Weiner.